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Who We Represent



"Serving all of the USA, Canada, Australia, and the Middle East, MIFAB provides you with the quality, engineered plumbing and draining solutions you need. Innovative product designs save the installer time and material cost and provides the owner with higher quality cast stainless steel drains and cleanouts for the same cost as the industry standard nickel bronze" 


Town & Country Plastics

"With our flexible design capabilities and wide range of products, we can provide every product and component you need for your water control, handling and neutralizing system. That takes the hassle of finding multiple suppliers off your plate, while giving you a single source to turn to when you need support" 

BEECO Logo.png


"BEECO has been manufacturing quality backflow preventer products for over 60 years. BEECO is proud to provide you our new modern maintenance friendly line of products. Our mission is simple - We want to make the prevention of backflow EASY FOR YOU"

Quick Hub Logo.png


"With QuickHub there's no need to remove the gasket first and roll it over the pipe. The patented hourglass shape design ensures the gasket remains within the shield during shipping and handling and allows the QuickHub to be easily pushed onto the pipe. Fasest installation on the market" 



"..These interceptors are engineered to perform based on a balanced air environment within the interceptor. This ensures that the interceptor performs at a high operating efficiency. These are typically installed either on or into the floor. Narrow width permits access through doorways and down stairwells. High Density Polyethylene construction ensures a lightweight installation process...All Big-Max interceptors can within stand a temperature of up to and including 180 degrees Fahrenheit."



"..This interceptor may be installed on the ground, semi recessed or flushe4d with the floor. The simple latch lid design permits fast and easy removal of the lid for cleaning and maintenance. The HDPE injection molded body and lid is covered by a limited lifetime warranty. The sewer gas stopper prevents foul odors from entering the kitchen area through the interceptor. All Lil-Max interceptors can withstand a temperature of up to and including 180 degrees Fahrenheit."



"..Rooftop rubber pipe supports, this series provides an economic alternative. By using 100% recycled rubber C-PORT products, you can help our world move toward a more sustainable future."


Roof Guard

"The "uncloggable" roof drain domes. Most ideal to replace on existing roof drain domes on the roofs of schools, warehouses, factories, office buildings and any other building that has standing water on the roof due to clogged roof drain domes. Roof-Guard eliminates standing water using a patented design that increases surface area by up to 5x or more making a Roof-Guard protected drain virtually uncloggable."



"..SUPER-500 gravity grease interceptor with 500 U.S. gallons of liquid holding capacity. All Big-Max interceptors can withstand a temperature of up to and including 180 degrees Fahrenheit."



"..Siphonic roof drainage systems. Smaller diameter pipes = smaller fittings, smaller couplings, smaller hangers, and smaller insulations. MIFAB Hydro-Max drains suck the water quickly off the roof, which means less ponding than traditional drains."

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